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Skoob is a temple for secondhand books

Time Out , May 2010

London’s broadest selection of second-hand academic books, including large collections of used books in Philosophy,
Psychology, Modern Literature, Art, History, Politics, Economics, Classics, Science and Technology

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Skoob Map. Lift access, bespoke lighting, warmth, full air-conditioning and wonderful staff provide an excellent browsing environment. The second user books on our shelves are priced at half or less, of what they would cost if bought new (those from our warehouse reflect the going rate online). There is a further 10% discount for students (conditions apply) and also a discount for cinema goers, and members of the Society of Authors, see below.

Skoob is on Marchmont Street side of The Brunswick, just along from Waitrose‘s rear exit. If you find yourself in the main concourse of The Brunswick, with chain stores and cafes all around, head straight through Waitrose, admire the cheese, exit and turn left. We are the first shop you come to.

Our 2000 square foot shop (186 m2) is crammed with over 55,000 different titles, and at the moment we’re replacing over 5,000 every month. However, NONE of these books are catalogued. But, we have over a million pre-owned books in a warehouse in Oxfordshire … close to 107,000 of those ARE catalogued and on internet sale and we’re again adding around 5,000 every month. Any of these can be delivered to the shop post-free, for you to peruse within a couple of days (depending on when Chris is shuttling up the M40). If you don’t want to buy it, we’ll find a space for it on the shelves. You can tell if the book you want is in the warehouse on the Search Our Warehouse page. If you don’t find what you want on the web, that doesn’t mean it’s not in the shop. If you can’t get down here and look, e-mail us, and we’ll have a look when we’re not busy.

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If you're reading this site and have a specific interest, e-mail us and let us know. Bear in mind that there are some classes and types of second hand books that cannot be economically accommodated in the shop. That doesn't prevent us from wanting to sell you them somehow. Deep below (and along a bit) from the shop we have a further storeroom for displaying specialist collections and from whence we can often find books of particular interest not immediately available upstairs. Do let us know in advance, it’s not always possible to get down there on spec.

If you want to bring books in to sell to us, we buy smaller quantities, by appointment only, in the shop. For larger collections, we may come to you, more on the Sell Books Page.