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Skoob Esoterica - we still have a number of books available from our Esoterica list. These include Vivienne Browning’s biography of her extraordinary father An Uncommon Medium. Kenneth Grant’s memoir Remembering Aleister Crowley. There is also a Kenneth Grant novella The Stella Lode in The Skoob Esoterica Anthology. This replaced in book format the preceding Skoob Esoterica Review magazines, some back issues of which are also in stock.


Edited by Christopher Johnson

Pbk £6.99 240pp
ISBN 1 871438 46 2

A cornucopia of occult thought, lore and discovery, it is packed with articles, stories, reviews and essays. Among other delights, the anthology contains fiction by Kenneth Grant, articles by Colin Wilson and the late Ron Adams, poetry from Gareth Medway and a discussion of new books by controversial author and critic Gerald Suster. For adepts, initiates and all seekers after wisdom, the voyage continues...


Researched and transcribed
by Robert Turner with contributions from George Hay, Colin Wilson, Patricia Shore, and Arnold Arnold.

ISBN 187143890X

Occult historian Robert Turner suggests that 'there is a race that rides curiously in tandem with humanity, a shadow, an intense and inseparable Mr Hyde.' He has, at last, managed to unearth texts which complete that pungent and vertiginous magickal grimoire known as The Necronomicon. What lurks behind its terrible gorgon beauty may encode the ultimate threat, or last chance, for humanity.

No longer in print, a previously unknown cache of copies has come to light which we are now selling online. Very few left.


by Kenneth Grant

Hbk £24.99 72pp 19 plates
inc. colour photographs

ISBN 1 871438 22 5

Click here for an extract...

This intinate memoir of the relationship between Kenneth Grant and Aleister Crowley is illustrated with personal mementos, many hitherto unpublished. It covers the latter years of World War II and Crowley's settling into his last abode at 'Netherwood' in Hastings. Here we see Crowley at his most human, and his letters to Kenneth Grant are imbued with that strange interpenetration of the magickal and the mundane which colours the life of a dedicated practitioner.


by Vivienne Browning

Pbk £6.99 192pp
ISBN 1 871438 42 X

Vyvyan Deacon practised as a spiritualist medium and herbalist. In hard times he laboured as a dockworker and fruitpicker in the Australian heat, but when times were good he mixed with the British aristocracy. Among the guests at his seances was the prince of Wales himself. Deacon's colourful and eclectic career provides an unusual perspective on a fascinating era. His story is told by his daughter.



Pbk £8.99 368pp
ISBN 1 871438 95 0

Vee Van Dam explores the astral experience, yoga, magic, past civilisations and extraterrestrial associations in meditations of architectural beauty. Exploring Tantric practices, he demonstrates the intimate connections that exist between the spiritual and the sexual. The Psychic Explorer is a methodically constructed, exhaustive manual comprising a wealth of detailed methods of achieving astral projection and control in the astral environment.


Pbk £5.99 220pp
ISBN 1 871438 01 2

The three parts of this book of exciting ideas and lucid instruction prepare the reader to become a cosmic creator: 'The Power of Creative Visualisation' links us with the energies underlying the appearance of things; 'Meditations' aims to present the art of meditation as a multi-levelled experience which can unlock perceptual states and reveal the true beauty of the Spirit; 'Journeying - A Way of Self-Discovery' is a guide to psychic voyaging, taking the reader through necessary protection and alignment procedures.


Pbk £5.99 264pp
ISBN 1 871438 06 3

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A book of revolutionary shamanism, radical yet linked to traditions as ancient and potent as Tibetan magical lore. Learn to channel and direct the kundalini power and co-operate with the benevolent deva invasion. Invoke undreamed of talents and responsibilities. Enter into nocturnal dialogue with those who can help articulate the dreamscape from which we precipitate our waking world. Open this book and walk into worlds without end.


by Michael Harrison

Pbk £7.99 396pp
ISBN 1 871438 65 9

Fire From Heaven explores the astonishing mystery that people burst into flames for no apparent reason, their bodies destroyed by fire but their clothes and surroundings untouched by the flames. Michael Harrison offers authenticated examples of this phenomenon from earliest recorded history to the present day and takes a look at the possible explanations of the theories.

'This is a real page-turning detective story...'


Edited by George Hay, with contributions from Colin Wilson, Robert Turner, Daid Langford, Dr Stanilaus Hinterstoisser, L. Sprague de Camp, Christopher
Frayling and Angela Carter.

ISBN 1 871438 16 0

The Necronomicon gazes backwards into the abyss of time to the remnant of a potent and perilous magical inheritance, emanating from a past pre-human in its unfathomable antiquity. Who or what were the lawful entities then wrestling for the possession of our planet? Why did they need to battle through the depths of space to reach the earth? And, after their apparent departure, what is their legacy to us? The creation of The Necronomicon is usually ascribed to H.P. Lovecraft, but research has brought to light some unexpected and disconcerting suggestions that seem to lead in another direction.

Rescued copies, from the same cache as The R’Lyeh Text above.


by Victor B. Neuburg

Hbk £23 20pp

ISBN 1 871438 55 1

'There is in these deep and richly evocative poems the great power and sensitivity of a Shelley, along with the visionary incisiveness of a Blake. They are marked by the almost valuptuous sense of visual imagery common to the Symbolist school and are accompanied by a deep and abiding sense of the personal experience of the esoteric life. This is a marvellous collection for students of all traditions and levels; a flawless and beautiful facsimile edition.'

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