Starcraft  by V. Van Dam

(Skoob 1991, 264pp., pbk £5.99) ISBN 1-871438-06-3

STARCRAFT is something else ¾ and before you embark on the voyage it will take you on, and through, you may as well throw away any preconceptions that you may have about how (and also why) the Cosmos was created...they are not likely to serve your understanding very well, anymore, when set side by side and compared with the universe of pure energy which you are about to encounter!

Here revealed for the first time is a Deva’s point of view of how that was done. It will stretch your imagination to the nth degree, for what is presented here is no back-alley pseudo-spiritualism.

It is raw information, from the start of things, right down into the pit of dense matter, and back up the other side again...Involution and Evolution.

There are four parts to this combined book.

STARCRAFT itself is composed of a series of channellings, some of which will make you feel like you have just touched upon something which you have always known to be true, deep within yourself, yet which has evaded your conscious realisation ¾ up until now.

What is more, it describes Devas as they would describe themselves - therefore if you do not know what a Deva is, now is your chance to find out...

...In glorious detail!...

These Devic messages are precisely aimed at a part of you which yearns for re-Union with the Spirit, and the Spiritual Planes...and with your own Solar Deva.

to say more than this at this point would be to spoil your fun of discovering what this all means ¾ so, read on...

THE STARCRAFT HANDBOOK follows these messages, and imparts instructions on how to work magickally, and co-operatively, with Devas. It represents a new Shamanism, perfectly tailored to the needs of the on-coming Age, otherwise called New, or Aquarian.

A beautiful, yet high-powered system, which unlocks a potential which spans the stars ¾ hence the name, Star-craft.

Then there are more Devic messages, in THE DREAMSCAPE, containing views and information on how to dream ¾ not ordinary dreams, but magickal dreams.

...On how to get your dreaming right.

...And finally, to round off this combined book, there is a piece entitled PSYCHIC SELF-DEFENSE ¾ which aims to impart information on how to protect yourself from unwanted psychic interference; and on how to call your Solar Deva, as a protective agent.

All in all, here you have much with which to familiarise yourself, and you will not be any way!

Ó Vee A.K. Van Dam, 1987, 1988, 1991.