Skoob is not actively publishing at present, but we can supply many titles from stock. There is an intention to start publishing again, although this in abeyance for the time being. Book selling is enough of a task to command all of our time and energy.

Skoob Seriph

Combines poetry, literature and works of reference. The series ranges from the key Collected Poems of George Eliot, to Peter Abbs' incisive essays on art, culture and society The Polemics of Imagination. Where We Are is the first major collection of work from Lucien Stryk, prize-winning poet and Japanese scholar, to be published in England.

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Skoob Pacifica

Bringing to a wider reading public the best in contemporary fiction, poetry, drama and criticism from the countries of the Pacific Rim.

Fiction includes K.S. Maniam's Haunting The Tiger, magical realism in a collection of thirteen stories, and The Return, now a standard curriculum text. Recently published poetry inludes The Space of City Trees, the collected poems of the Singaporean poet and painter, Arthur Yap. Distinguished academic Shirley Geok-lin Lim's Writing S.E./Asia in English is a major study of post-colonial literature in English which complements many of the Pacifica titles by exploring the cultural and literary context in which they were written. The flagship of the series, the Skoob Pacifica Anthology, presents a selection from many of our featured authors alongside those of more established names such as Toni Morrison, V.S. Naipaul and Vikram Seth.

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Skoob Esoterica

We have been known for our esoterica list for quite some time. It is rather less active now than in the past, but retains a number of difficult to find titles. Amongst them, a number of the works by Kenneth Grant still in print, a trilogy of instructive works by Vee Van Dam and the reknowned Necronomicon in the classic edition by the late George Hay. The Skoob Esoterica Anthology provides insights ancient and modern into the lore, politics and culture of the occult and also contains a novella by Kenneth Grant.

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