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Seriph Series ¾ combines poetry, literature and works of reference. It ranges from the key Collected Poems of George Eliot, to Peter Abbs' incisive essays on art, culture and society Polemics of Imagination. Where We Are is the first major collection of work from Lucien Stryk, prize-winning poet and Japanese scholar, to be published in England.

and other selected poems

Pbk £8.99 176pp 1995
ISBN 1 871438 77 2

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Peter Abbs is one of the most widely regarded voices in contemporary British poetry.
This collection represents the full range of his work and places his new verse, 'Personae' in the wider context of his output over the last fifteen years. Abbs' recurring preoccupations - myth versus autobiography and the influence of our imagination on our perceptions - are expressed in a variety of tones. Ironic, poignant and epigrammatic, all are unified by a single voice which is at once complex and accessible.

Peter Abbs is that rarest of writers - a philosophical poet with a genuine lyric gift. His poems are equally arresting for their substance as for their style.

Dana Gioia

The Polemics of Imagination
Selected Essays on Art, Culture and Society

Pbk £8.95 1995
ISBN 1 871438 31 4

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We have as a nation a most profound distrust of intellectual curiosity... and a fear before the power of Beauty.

Peter Abbs Born Rural Working Class

Written over a fifteen year period, one which almost exactly coincides with the Thatcher era, these essays offer a personal critique of education, culture and society in modern Britain. Abbs' call for the restoration of the spiritual and aesthetic dimension to our lives is persuasively argued over four main sections which address Postmodernism, Education, the Art of Autobiography and Contemporary Poetry. Employing his own experiences as well as illuminating analysis of Eliot, Pound, Edmund Gosse and others, he has produced a remarkable collection.

Where We Are
Selected Poems and Zen Translations

Pbk £8.95 178pp 1996
ISBN 1 871438 03 9

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Lucien Stryk's poetry, bounded by Zen, embodies a way of inhabiting a specific moment. Like a painter he establishes a balance between forms and details that enable the reader to speculate on anything which might precede or follow the idea, contained within a single poem. A well respected American poet, he has received numerous awards, and his poetry has been translated into nine different languages. Stryk is himself an award winning translator of Japanese and Chinese verse. As well as two popular general collections, he has translated the work of Shinkichi Takahashi.

Where We Are: Selected Poems and Zen Translations is his first major collection to be published in England.

Collected Poems

Edited with an introduction by Lucien Jenkins

Hbk £18.95 490pp 1989
ISBN 1 871438 35 7
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George Eliot's poetry has been unjustly neglected for over a century. Whether she is writing evocatively of rural childhood, as in the sonnets, or passionately engaged with the issues of nationalism and racial prejudice in her ambitious epic The Spanish Gypsy, George Eliot is a wonderful and surprising poet. This volume brings her work together and makes many of the poems available for the first time.

This collected edition of the poems is very welcome.

Gillian Beer, T.L.S.

The Sonnets to Orpheus

Translated by Leslie Norris and Alan Keele

Pbk £5.99 80pp 1991
ISBN 1 871438 60 8

Rilke's sonnet sequence, which ranks amongst the greatest works of modern literature, explores the meaning of death and the value of art. Leslie Norris has [published many collections of poetry and short stories. Born in Wales, he is Professor of Creative Writing at Brigham Young University. Alan Keele is Professor of German Language and Literature at Brigham Young University.

Pigeons and Moles: Selected Writings

Translated by Michael Hamburger

Pbk £9.99 208pp 1991
ISBN 1 871438 810

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Pigeons and Moles introduces a sceptical, witty and anarchic poet to British readers, with the first substantial selection from Eich's bitter and graceful poems, his acclaimed radio plays and the controversial late prose poems.

Michael Hamburger was the winner of the European Literature Prize for translation in 1990.


Pbk £12.99 348pp 1991
ISBN 1 871438 41 1

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Beautifully written...A life of seeking, suffering, in love with nature and her eternal world, the spiral of the seasons...and above all of hard creative work all of which bears the stamp of her remarkable genius...story of a beautiful and unique spirit.
Tom Scott, Chapman

A sad and moving account of unrequited love.


These are books of spiritual; and intellectual quest, of deep inner exploration as well as of speculative breadth...a tour de ranks as a modern epic.

Stand Magazine


Edited by John Ashton

Pbk £9.95 486pp
ISBN 1 871438 26 8

For a penny in the eighteenth century in England you could buy a book on how best to broil pigeons or make birch tree wine, read an account of the last execution by burning in Britain or puzzle your way through rhyming riddles. Chapbooks were virtually the only reading matter for the poorer classes and provide for the modern reader a fascinating window onto the heroes and legends, folklore and superstitions of the past. This collection contains over one hundred chapbooks with facsimiles of the original covers and delightful woodcut illustrations.

The Necromancer

Pbk £4.95 246pp
ISBN 1 871438 20 9

Last few copies left.

A detective novel first published in 1794, The Necromancer is an exploration of fear and the power of secrecy. Behind all the twists and turns of a complexly plotted adventure tale, stands the dark, brooding figure of Volkert, the necromancer of the title; who is he and what is the source of his power?

We thrill to the orthodoxies of traditional gothic, with its Germanic settings, charnel-houses and chains.

City Limits

The Midnight Bell

Trade Pbk £5.95 294pp
ISBN 1 871438 30 6

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The Midnight Bell is a gothic story of greed and jealousy, of individuals becoming the victims of their own uncontrollable passions, bringing disaster on themselves and others. Francis Lathom (1777-1832) was a successful novelist and playwright . He lived as a recluse in Scotland for many years.

My father is now reading The Midnight Bell, which he has got from the library, and mother sitting by the fire.

Jane Austen's letter to Cassandra, 24 October 1798

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