Selling Your Books

The Stacks. We can‘t promise to buy or value books sight unseen, but we do buy enormous, large, medium and small collections of books. With quite a number of bookshops closing in recent times, we're being offered many more books than we can take in. If you have over 200, then email or ring to discuss what you have, and possibly to be added to the list of house calls. For fewer than this, we buy books by prior appointment only, currently at weekends and on Wednesdays. To make an appointment ring the shop. If there are more than a handful, it may be best to e mail first, with details of the books. See the information below - including phone number and e mail address.

We always seek to buy good quality books, especially academic subjects such as philosophy, psychology, history, politics, or science, as well as classic and modern world literature, art and design, music and drama.

Textbooks in fast-changing subject areas such as law, economics, finance etc. get updated by publishers on a regular basis and therefore go out of date quickly. Hence, we can pay very little or nothing for textbook editions no longer in demand on student reading lists.

Likewise, heavily annotated or highlighted books are no use to us; however we can accept them as a donation.

We do not buy used DVDs, CDs, and Audiobooks.

All books get evaluated on the basis of their resale value to us, considering condition and the rate at which they are likely to sell. We are unable to quote prices over the phone; however you are welcome to email a summary of the kinds of books (as shown below). Or, if not too many, a list of books (including title, author, ISBN) to When transcribing ISBNs, just the numbers, no dashes or spaces. We will tell you which ones are potentially of interest to us.

Please ring the shop before bringing your books in, on +442072788760. The information we need is:

If you have over 200 books, we may be able to visit and collect them. If you live much beyond the London or Oxford area, we recommend approaching your local bookseller first – a decent list of UK bookshops is available at, see here.